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Employees can only take advantage of those targeted offers if they actually receive a coupon through a purchase as a customer, Guglielmi said.

Changes to the Meijer mPerk Pharmacy Program

Fired employee's settlement. According to statements that Gizowski signed at the time of her suspension, she admitted to two incidents involving coupons. In the second incident, Gizowski said a customer gave her a pharmacy coupon for personal use. Union officials declined to be interviewed. Gizowski was asked and refused to sign a nondisclosure clause, as is often required on settlement agreements, according to her lawyer, Richard A.

Another employee's story. Meijer has fired others for taking coupons, said Adam Green, a former Meijer loss prevention officer who said he discovered evidence of Gizowski taking a pharmacy coupon. Carrie Squires is another cashier who said she was fired from the same store in Chesterfield Township in How internal investigations work. Gizwoski had claimed in the settled lawsuit that her termination was part of a strategy by Meijer to weed out longtime employees like herself because they cost more than new employees. Gizowski said she and other fired cashiers in Chesterfield Township were at the top of the pay scale, according to her legal claim.

She contended her benefits and pay were significantly higher than minimum wage, which is typically offered to newer employees. Investigator Green countered that claim.

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He said he was targeting employee misuse of pharmacy coupons. The time stamps on the coupons allowed him to track when and where they were issued, which was then cross-referenced with store video, he said. The cashiers his investigation identified were all over age 40, Green said.

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Gizowski was 42 at the time. He said his investigation revealed the coupons used by the fired cashiers all were printed for customers. In the cases of Gizowski and Squires, the coupons were issued in a self-check out aisle.

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Others were working traditional registers, Green said. Ultimately, the decision to fire the cashiers was made by the retailer's human resources staff, Green said. Gizowski claimed that the pharmacy coupons were used by other employees besides those who were caught. Meijer said the policy was made clear to employees. After calculating how much I saved, I was able to treat my family to a vacation in London! While you might not pinch enough pennies to get those tickets overnight, you can save a ton with these tips.

Like other grocery stores, Meijer has its own app which houses its digital coupons. Not only can you save big on items you shop for every week, but you can also often get 10 to 15 percent off a category like general merchandise, apparel, houseware and more. This is a good opportunity to stock up on items in bulk.

Savings offer

When you use mPerks, you not only get access coupons, but you can earn rewards as you shop and even use the pharmacy! Rewards alone can be a huge savings and have made me a loyal Meijer shopper. Of course like most supermarkets and big box stores, Meijer accepts coupons. In addition to the ones you find in the paper or online, Meijer sends out coupons—most times they include a coupon for a free item.

Meijer’s coupon clearance haul cheap pads,tampons and pasta

Meijer has phenomenal clearance prices. Learn where your store houses clearance items and make sure to check them out weekly. Before the seasons change, they often take even more money off of the clearance price. After the holidays, they typically reduce already well-priced Christmas clearance by an additional 40 percent. Like all stores, Meijer has pretty significant sales that will save you big bucks!

They are good about advertising this, particularly if you have signed up for their emails or texts. I did a majority of my Christmas shopping there and got some amazing deals on gifts for my daughter and nieces!